Most people who can write graduate level assignments have grasped the general outline expectations, thereby making the research and perfection of their grammar the only immediate concern which we addressed above. Since many people consult online graduate writing help guide for assistance in perfecting their papers, it should come as little surprise these same individuals who find their assistance are always performing well in their remaining studies.

7 Steps Of Writing A Research Paper

A research paper is going to involve some investigation. You will be gathering both facts and ideas from a wide range of sources. Your own logical thoughts will be skillfully woven in as well. Items of information will be collected and analyzed; interpretations will be made all this data will be documented in your essay, and you will arrive at a conclusion.

Here are your 7 steps:

  1. Topic selection – the topic must interest you, be specific enough to be covered in the scope of your essay, and there must be sufficient research materials available to complete it.
  2. Gathering the necessary information – use libraries, magazines, the internet, experts in the field, etc. This is generally referred to as the research phase.
  3. Prepare bibliography cards or use computer software to enter in all the sources that you are using so that it’s easier to reference everything when you need it.
  4. Read through all the research materials and take notes as you go along, especially writing down the main ideas which can be used as subheadings in the outline of the research paper. Reference each note you take so there’s no backtracking through all the material later to find out where you got that information from.
  5. Make the outline using your research notes. Make sure the main ideas flow from one to the next in a logical order and that there are a few supporting points for each main point.
  6. Write the essay – this is the rough draft. Just start writing and keep going for as long as you can still put words into it. Necessary revisions can be made later. The most important part is to get the writing done.
  7. After you have done the revisions you feel the essay needs, it’s time for another set of eyes to look at it. Get someone else to proofread and edit your essay before you hand it in. You are not your own best proofreader because you may be looking at the same mistakes over and over but not seeing them. It takes a new set of eyes to see what you have missed.

Once the essay has been polished up to perfection and the reference list is done, the essay is complete. If the teacher requires a title page, table of contents or any other elements, they can be completed at this time as well.