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David And Goliath

Being one of the most known stories in the book of 1 Samuel in the Bible for its use in exemplifying the success one may attain through having faith in the Christian deity. The battle of David and Goliath can be easily remembered also for the example it gave of probability. In the story the odds of the Israelites emerging victorious after the war was very low but, not totally impossible.

The epic starts in chapter 17 in the book 1 Samuel with the Israelites posed on one bank of a valley and the Philistines posed on the opposite side of the valley. A very tall, large, heavily armored man called Goliath walked out of the Philistines soldiers and taunted the Israelites by asking them to start the battle. Goliath also proposed a countermeasure to the devastating bloodshed that would happen when the fighting starts. He asked for one opponent to battle and the winner will have the defeated as servants. For forty days the giant fellow repeated the act of calling for a worthy opponent from the Israelites.

David’s father commanded him to carry food for his three eldest brothers who were part of the war detail. He reached the war camp just as the soldiers were heading into the valley to commence the attack. After finding his brothers, David heard the large champion shout his terms as he did every morning. As the Israelites were systematically retreating from the presence of the giant he learned of the reward for defeating this uncircumcised Philistine who defies the armies of the Living God.

Further questions did David ask to anyone willing to give details about the giant’s requests and doing so caught the ear of the king of the Israelites: Saul. When Saul called a conference with him, he told Saul that he will accept Goliath’s challenge but the king tried to discourage the action. After much discussions, the king finally agreed to execute this crazy plan so David declined the offer of armor and weapons given to him and proceeded to the confrontation with his sling, staff and five smooth stones.

When Goliath saw his opponent he cursed as he wondered how can the Israelites give such a young lad to represent them. David responded by declaring victory in this battle through the God of Israel. It was all over when a stone slung from the Israelite struck the Philistine on the forehead, piercing it.