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Great Argumentative Essay Topics

During your time in school, one moment, you are likely to have an assignment of writing an essay. In this case, it will be an argumentative one. It is the type of essay where you will make an argument using research and examples to support your points. The choice of your subject and the way you structure your essay will impact the reader. Finding a topic that will work for you can be a task. But, with adequate research on writing a great argumentative essay.

First, you need to understand what this writing is. As stated earlier, the article makes contentions through research. The essay takes a position and supports with evidence. Unlike other kinds of essays, these essays have the intention of expressing a specific argument that comes with supporting evidence and research. A perfect composition will base its argument not only on feelings and thoughts but on established research.

You can write an argumentative essay in either The Toulmin or Rogerian Model

With the Toulmin model, the most common model structure is having a thesis and supported with data. It will include rebuttals that strengthen the point anticipating counter-statements. On the other hand, the Rogerian Model investigates both sides of an argument, and it reaches a definitive conclusion after analyzing strengths and weaknesses. Both styles depend on a well-reasoned dialectics and supporting evidence that proves a point in two contrasting ways. It is important to note that, as opposed to other types of essays, argumentative essays aim to contend a point instead of telling a story or explain something.

How do you make a strong Argumentative Essay?

To put forward an effective essay, you should understand how a perfect argumentative essay looks like in regards to the layout. To add on to a solid structure, you need an argument, a strong thesis, and excellent research.

The Argument

With an argumentative essay, the main objective is to convince your reader about something. Develop a strong argument that encompasses not only your main point but also the things that make it up. While formulating your points, go beyond what your paper says but put in a way that can change someone’s opinion.

A Thesis

A strong thesis is core to your argument. Put that message across in a sentence, and it will be the thesis. You will build your essay based on this foundation. It needs to be well reasoned and needs to be concrete.

The Research

To write an excellent argumentative essay, write based on research and not your thoughts. Cite sources and other points from your study. It is dependent on your argument and the context of how you are arguing it.

How do you come up with an excellent Argumentative Essay Topic?

If you have the liberty to choose your topic, choose something you are passionate about and gives you pleasure. An excellent argumentative essay is inclusive of a strong attitude and a variety of evidence. If you write on a topic that you are passionate about, you will have an easier time looking for evidence to support it.

How do you Argue Effectively?

To have a strong thesis, it takes more than having a good point. You need to support your point as well, of not your whole argument will fall apart. Organize your essay well with an introduction, body, opposition, and conclusion.

A perfect essay has a good structure and a strong thesis, but consider a few other things to strengthen your point. Maintain your focus, and let the main thing remain the main thing. Another idea is to be rational. You should base your evidence on facts, and not just on opinions.