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How to Write a Case Study: Using Different Formats

Case studies can be written in many different ways. The format you choose for your case study needs to reflect the purpose of your study and needs to reflect the community positively. In order to chose a proper format for a case study, one must be chosen that is clear and focused. You can also create your own format for a case study and as long as the case study fits your needs and leaves the readers informed, It can be used.

Start with an outline

Organizing a writer's thoughts is the first step to formatting a strong case study. The first step is to divide the outline to an introduction, body and conclusion. After those basic parts of any essay or paper, the outline needs to be elaborated on and detailed. There needs to be sections dedicated to the data involved in the study and statistics. There should also be a section at the end for discussion. There also should be a section dedicated to describing the course of the patient's study.

The start of a formatted study

Once a basic outline is constructed, the format is started for the case study. Following the outline helps keep the paper structured and organized and helps decide which research and which statistics and which quotes go where in the study to create a fluid reading experience that is comprehensive. Be sure to include the main points in appropriate places and to divide sections accordingly to break the study up for the reader's eyes.

Make a title page and abstract

After the paper is written, the final part of formatting is creating the title page and abstract. The title page should include an eye catching title that demonstrates what the paper is about along with the authors and key words. The abstract should be a quick summation of the study and the results and what the reader should be expecting in the paper.

In Conclusion

Formatting a case study can be a difficult task. Choosing a format or creating your own can be arduous if you don't have a clear idea of how you want to present your study. Starting with an outline is a great start to organizing and formatting your study and then finishing with the title page and abstract helps your paper become clear, organized and easy for the reader to follow.