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Possible Marketing Thesis Topics

A student in the last year of school is mainly concerned about one thing: writing their dissertation. A dissertation is a huge undertaking, and can often overwhelm and frustrate most students. Since writing your dissertation is so important to your education, and to your future career, you’ll want it to be as good as you possibly can make it, but how?

The first main step is to choose a superb topic. Gravitate towards ones that you feel passionate about, or already have an interest in and some knowledge about. If your dream topic has been done already, take a different approach to it. There are hardly any new ideas anymore, just new methodologies.

Here are a few ideas for choosing your marketing thesis topic:

Brand Identity and Foreign Languages

A lot of what defines a company as who they are can be lost in translation. How does marketing to a different culture, particularly in a different language, affect the identity of the brand and how people around the world will view that brand? You could explore restaurant chains such as McDonald's, or any other business that has branched out world-wide.

What Attributes are Important in Decision Making to Customers Who Buy Online?

Amazon and companies like it are on the rise. You can buy anything you want, without leaving your home, and have it delivered right to you, often for a lower cost than retail stores. With the advent of the internet and its wide usage, things are changing; particularly what motivates consumers to buy. There are many brick and mortar companies who have an online store as well, and some take off while others dwindle.

Are Social Sites Becoming More Persuasive than Word of Mouth?

How do Facebook ads affect you? What about recommendations on Twitter, or a photograph of a product on Pinterest? Social media is everywhere, and nearly everyone with internet access has an account with at least one of them. Are the advertising dollars spent on sites like these possibly worth a lot more than a traditional ad?

How have Spam Filters and Other Technology Improved Online Marketing?

The internet is huge, with so much competition, where do most companies find themselves? For everyone who markets with an e-newsletter a consumer willingly subscribes to, there are those who send unwanted emails and disguise scams. How can honest marketers rise above the noise of the fakes?