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Writing a Critical Analysis Essay: 5 Topics That Will Make Your Paper Shine

Critical analysis essay writing reviews creative content created by another. The essay works to examine work of another author and learn how well they got their point across to their intended audience. Such essays are written on films, art and other forms of creative works. The contents of the essay include your critical analysis of the work in question. You focus on the main idea or argument of the content. It is like a giving a review of the work but with more detail in how you feel about what the audience received from the content.

What To Think about When Selecting Your Topic

Selecting a good topic for your critical analysis is important. You need to provide unique understanding behind the subject matter. You need to understand what the author’s main idea or point of view is. You need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of the author to understand their vision or what they set out to accomplish. If you are unfamiliar with the content you should be willing to research it further to gain clarity. Understand factors that are appealing and intriguing. Rank how well the author used their context to convey meaning and significance. These aspects can help you structure and write your essay according to assignment standards.

5 Topic Ideas to Make Your Paper Standout

  1. Differences in how men and women communicate among each other. You can review ways men and women communicate depending on age, race or religious origin. Some feel women are bigger communicators than men; what evidence makes this true or false?
  2. How graffiti and street art is considered art? This topic has people divided down the middle. Some people consider this a form or personal expression. Others find it tacky, tasteless and annoying. What elements make the work a form of art others admire or love to hate?
  3. Analyzing homelessness. Why are so many people homeless when there are sources available to reduce or end it? Does this show there are more selfish people in the world or more lazy people not willing to work?
  4. A movie you saw that was terrible. What elements of the movie contributed to your poor review?
  5. A meal you liked or disliked made for you. What are reasons why you enjoyed your meal? What is something that should have been avoided if the meal was bad?