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APA article review sample - where to find one?

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) is the major professional organization in the United States for psychiatrists and trainee psychiatrists. It also has the distinction of being the largest psychiatric organization the world over. Although its 36,000 members are primarily American, it has international members in its ranks as well.

The APA, Style and Article Reviews

One major component of The American Psychiatric Association is the role it plays in higher education. Its manual for writing, the American Psychiatric Association Handbook, is the style guide adopted by almost all the sciences and other schools as well. The one exception would be most English Language related degrees which operated under the MLA style.

Another area the American Psychiatric Association has received widespread notoriety is through their literature and article reviews. They provide a specific format for the review, documentation and presentation of an article’s review and critique. Like their manual, these guidelines have gained widespread acceptance throughout the major collegiate schools for their rigor and excellence in documentation.

The Goal of Article Reviews

If you think about it, an article review makes a lot of sense. When you think of an article, you may think of a small piece of writing, but in the schools of thought with which APA style is applied, they can often be quite lengthy, quite technical or both. It saves time to simply have a review handy and find if it is relevant to information you’re looking for. Furthermore, reviews can provide an extra layer to the critique depending on who’s reviewing it. Though this is often the industry of students or graduate students, more likely, professors and esteemed individuals occasionally produce reviews, garnering interest from others due to the person’s position.

If you plan on writing an article review, check the American Psychiatric Association’s website for guidelines on how to do so correctly. Obviously, if you’re a student, check with your professor or Teaching Assistant to be sure you’re following the correct guidelines.

No matter what, though, you’ll probably benefit from seeing an example of one done properly. This can be easier said than done as the samples are so popular there is a lot of spam floating around the web for such a search. An easy answer, again, is to seek help from your professor or teaching assistance. Otherwise, search for APA article review samples and the name of top universities. Many of them offer former article reviews or even explicit outlines of how to do them correctly.