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Research Paper Help: How to Write a Good Introduction

Your introductory paragraph will determine whether or not eh reader will still be interested in going through your work, or if they will shelve them for later. Remember that having your work shelved for later could easily spell doom for you. The introductory paragraph is like facial expression to you when you are meeting someone new.

Remember how we are usually taught that first impressions are important? Well, this is the perfect scenario to ascertain the same. As long as you are looking for the highest marks so far, you must get your introduction to a perfect start, and from there you can build on to write a very good paper.

Making a good start

It does not matter how long or how short your introductory statement is supposed to be, the most important thing that you have to realize is that it must always have an opening statement that gets the interest of the reader. This is where you make the first impression on the audience. You capture their imagination, you give them something to look forward to, and you make them yearn for more. A good introduction is therefore supposed to set the pace for a lasting opinion, and at the same time to set you on the right path to expressing yourself on the paper.

With a good introduction, you are able to build on the rest of the paper confidently. The first sentence of your introduction is supposed to lead up to three or around four more sentences that delve deeper into the context of the subject, or the nature of the explanation that you are going to make within the body of the paper. When you are very keen on this you will also come to realize that it is within the introduction that you should also be able to bring forth ideas that lead up to the thesis statement for your paper.

The following are three of the most important features that your introduction paragraph should never miss:

With that, you should be good to go!