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10 Vital Steps That Will lead You Towards A Successful Dissertation

If you're confused about your dissertation, the article below provides 10 easy steps that will guide you through complicated writing process.

Dissertation Writing Help: 10 Vital Steps to Follow

Need help writing a dissertation paper? Take a look at these 10 vital steps. They should give you a fair, chronological idea of the necessary steps to follow in writing a successful dissertation.


You must make sure you set aside a fair amount of time each day to writing your dissertation. You can start out with a short amount of time, say thirty minutes, and gradually increase it as the days go on.


Chances are that you will have to fight stress and/or anxiety issues when writing your dissertation. No worries, as this is absolutely normal behavior to begin feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work lying in front of you, but if it becomes a serious issue, then you need to develop tactics for fighting back against the tress.


You can the best writer in the world, but if you don’t discipline yourself to write, the writing process will either be very, very slow or won’t go anywhere. Set realistic goals and deadlines for yourself that gradually increase as the amount of time you set aside increases as well. Once you have the time set aside and the discipline ready to begin the dissertation, you can start your dissertation.


Carefully choose the topic you are going to write about. What interests you? What are you passionate about? Better yet, choose something that you will be excited to write about. While you may be excited about your topic selection now, you definitely won’t be in a couple of weeks when you’re in the middle of writing your dissertation. That’s when the discipline kicks in…

Work Space

Make sure you have a suitable work space for you to write. Whether that’s in the library, at the park, in the coffee shop, or alone at your home, wherever you feel the most comfortable working is where you should write your dissertation.


Research is very, very critical in writing a dissertation. Research using all the different kinds of sources available to you. Be creative where you look for facts and information, and always verify your sources. Get as much information as you can about your sources as well, for use when you enter them in your bibliography page.

Edit As You Write

As you begin the writing process, send a day or two’s work of writing to a trusted friend or family member for them to take a look at. They’ll point out things you didn’t see, and they’ll also be kind enough to give you some badly needed morale. As you write, you can spend an hour or less each day fixing the mistakes of the previous day’s work. This accelerates your writing time considerably.


Dissertation papers are organized very similarly to essays and research papers. You’ll begin with your introduction in which you’ll explain the background to the topic and state your hypothesis, and can then move into the supporting pages where you’ll bring up support for your hypothesis, explaining how it supports your hypothesis, and the facts and evidence for the support. Remember to carefully cite the evidence properly.

Stay Healthy

Take breaks, go on walks, eat nutritiously, get plenty of sleep, and spend time with family and friends. Don’t forget the small things in life and don’t let the amount of work overwhelm you.

Wrap It Up

As you finish the first draft of your dissertation, you’ll want to read through it and spend some time making any necessary changes whether it is simple errors like spelling or grammar, or larger issues like structure and factual points. You’ve worked hard and now the long road is over, but a new door has opened and is waiting for you. Don’t be afraid to share with the world what you’ve discovered. Get out there and make a difference.