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How to Pick a Subject for a Narrative Essay

A narrative essay constitutes part of exams and tests in a college and school curricula. It expresses a learner’s potential, skills, knowledge, and mindset. It is thus crucial for a learner to know how to write an essay that is of a narrative nature. As with all other essays, the subject choice determines how effective and captivating your essay will be. So how do you about choosing a subject?

Narrative Essay Choice Types

The choice of a subject depends on the type of narrative you want to write. There are four types of narrative essays, namely storytelling narratives, descriptive narratives, investigative narratives, and persuasive narratives.

Examples of Narrative Essay Subjects


Picking a subject for your narrative essay is not a problem; picking one that is suitable is where the emphasis is on. Choose a great subject based on the type of narrative essay to write. The tips provided will make your narrative essay stand out once you follow them.