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How to Make a Proper Research Paper Proposal: Some Tips on Formatting

The research paper proposal often marks the beginning of the end of an academic’s course of study. This is the point where an idea that can become the final research paper before graduation is presented before a committee. They decide whether to let the student proceed with research or to send him or her back to the drawing board. No one wants to return to the drawing board after spending days, weeks or months creating a proposal. If you are concerned about your proposal here are some tips to keep in mind about the format:

There are many formats out there

Academic writing formats are created by academic bodies and there are several of these. Before you begin to put together your proposal, ensure that the format you are considering is the one that is expected of you. One such tiny mistake may cause your committee to glance at your proposal briefly and then wordlessly return it to you for reformatting.

Some colleges have in-house formatting rules especially for proposals

This can be particularly alarming to students who have become adept at using the format that is most consistently required in their field. Old habits can be very hard to break and these students may find themselves frequently obeying the previously learned rules. Make sure that you have all the information you need about the format that is required of you.

Formats evolve over time

Nothing can stay the same indefinitely. Formats that previously only contained rules for books, journals and other traditional formats now include rules on how to cite web content. These have been in use for over a decade but if the guideline book you are using for reference is one of the much older editions, you may find yourself adhering to rules that were once correct but are no longer. The good thing about such changes is that they are slow and gradual which can make it simple for you to keep up with them. The bad thing is that they may lull you into a false sense of complacency because you expect they will always be as you remembered them. Check the websites regularly if you find yourself engaging in Academic writing frequently.

Formats are very detailed. A misplaced colon or comma can lead to downgrading of your work. For the sake of your proposal make sure your formatting is done properly before you send it out for inspection.