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Online Personal Statements: Are They Useful?

The very definition of personal statements is that they are personal…pertaining to the person who wrote them. That being said, then the logical answer to the question asking if online personal statements are useful would be no. They are not useful.

However, you could interpret that question in different ways.

Putting your personal Statement Online

When you interpret the question in that way then the answer would be yes. The reasons for that would be many. You could use it as a networking tool or as an introduction on your social media pages. That would help people feel that they know you a bit better and would make it easier for future encounters.


If you interpret the question in the way of the online personal statements meaning samples to use in formulating and formatting your own personal statements then the answer there would be maybe. See, while it is possible to find sample personal statements online, there is again that issue of the word “personal”. While you may gain insight on formatting, none of the information in the sample would be relevant because it has nothing in the world to do with you. However, when looking up many different samples you might get a great overview on various types of formatting that can be used effectively.


No, No and NO! This is not useful. Not only does it waste your money, it will also not be about you. It may seem to be about you but even if you submit all of the pertinent information there will not be anyone in the world who will be able to write about you in your own tone of voice and make your personality shine through the words on the screen or on the paper.

The bottom line is this. You need to write your own personal statement. Whether you use a sample you got on line or even many samples, you need to do this yourself. You are doing this in an effort to continue your education, right? Education is something that you have to work at. Show whoever you are doing the personal statement for that you are willing to work for your education and you are starting right now by actually doing you own personal statement. Nothing in the world could be a better example and set you apart from the others who are trying to take your place with their own personal statements.