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Informative Essay Topics: A List Of Great Suggestions

If you aren’t already familiar with the informative essay writing assignment, it basically requires you to share knowledge on something, someone, someplace, etc. that is interesting to you and that your audience might not already understand. These assignments can be a lot of fun and usually present students with very little trouble, as long as they select great topics to discuss. Here is a list of great topics for your consideration:

  1. Discuss a specific period of architecture you find interesting. Consider what that period has been to others in terms of influence or ingenuity. Are there examples which your classmates may recognize in the world today?

  2. Explain what happens to the world through environmental degradation. Consider issues related to global warming as well as global policy towards the environment. Can you provide information about the rate of degradation and what we can expect in the next decade?

  3. Describe the different branches and levels of the US government. How do the branches and levels work in ways that are familiar to your classmates? How have the different branches and levels evolved over the years?

  4. Explain how computer viruses work and why they can be so dangerous. How many kinds of viruses are out there and what defenses do people generally have to prevent risk to their computers and personal information? What is the best form of virus protection?

  5. Inform the class on major events that occurred on your birthday. This is an open subject that can include anything from historical figures’ birthdays to the days they died. Consider fun topics like song releases, album releases, television show premiers and more.

  6. Describe the best travel destinations you have been to or wish to visit. What makes these places so attractive and what qualities do you think your audience would appreciate?

  7. Explain why democracy is the best form of government. Use several different countries as examples and provide the opposite view of different kinds of governments and reasons why they aren’t considered good forms of government.

  8. Describe the most effective way for finding and getting the job of your dreams. Is this true for jobs in other industries or is this specific to the job of your dreams?

  9. Describe what makes your favorite sport so special and different from others. Look at the development of its rules as well as how it’s been perceived by the public throughout its history.

  10. Describe how community involvement can help prevent child abuse. Do you think that starting small in your own community can build momentum?