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Master Thesis Writing: Creating a Good Title Page

Master’s thesis writing is very stressful due to the fact that the thesis is one of the last steps students need to take before they earn their degrees. Master’s thesis papers have special requirements that must be met in order to earn the degree. A well written master’s thesis has a well-researched idea that is developed from the beginning to end. It also includes a title page, table of contents, and works cited page.

Know Your Formatting

When you write your thesis, your curricular area will dictate what formatting style you will need to use. You will use MLA if you are writing a thesis for a language based degree. If you are working on an education master’s, you will need to use APA, unless your education master’s degree is focused on language arts. Chicago Style is one of the newest formats and many other degree programs will require it. Be sure that you follow the rules of your degree, otherwise, you will have to completely reformat it and you could potentially lose points from your professor.

Impress Your Professors and the Thesis Committee

Because your master’s thesis is one of the most important papers that you will write in your life. It is important that your thesis is perfect from the very beginning. Your professor and the committee that looks at your thesis will recognize flaws from the start. This is why you need to have your essay perfect from the title page. A good title page will set the tone for your thesis. If you have a poorly crafted title page, the professor and committee will see that you do not care enough to start your thesis off correctly.

Create an Interesting Title

Your master’s thesis title page needs to follow the requirements that your professor has set. One of the most important parts of the title page is a good title. It might seem like an obvious thing to include, but too many thesis title pages have dull titles that bore readers from the start. It should reflect the content of your thesis and it should be interesting.

If your thesis title page does not have the proper formatting, your professors will immediately recognize that you do not care enough to follow the rules. Your title page sets the tone for the entire thesis, so you should be sure to set a good impression.