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A Guide for Writing Aviation Research Papers

Writing an informative, well researched essay is already a difficult topic, even when the subject you will be discussing is something familiar or straightforward. This process only becomes more tricky when you are tasked with writing something highly technical, with historical elements, and even elements of science and atmospheric research, such as the field of aviation.

Aviation is such a broad, complex, multifaceted field that writing an informed essay on any topic in the area can seem impossible. There are many elements that you cannot neglect when writing your paper. Below is a guide that will help focus you and help ensure that no crucial topics are missing in your research or in the paper itself.

Don’t Forget the Science

Aviation is a complex field that involves the construction and operation of vehicles that seemingly defy gravity and take advantage of atmospheric and physical engineering to attain flight. The process of building and operating a vehicle capable of flight is enormously complex, and any well researched paper on aviation must take into account the science and engineering in equal parts.

Gather a number of resources on the vehicles you are especially interested in researching for your paper. Study how they function, and what aspects of their form allow the vehicle to attain flight. Look into what the greatest threats to the vehicle are: is it weather? Wear and tear? Temperature changes.

Consider the Historical Context

Every plane is invented and constructed in the context of a certain era, and to fulfill a specific purpose. Ask yourself what the function of the piece of aviation you are interested in was. Do some background research on the historical and political landscape at the time the plane was first invented and used. Citing this information in your research papers will inform the reader, provide a schema for their understanding, and impress them with your knowledge!

Do not just focus on aviation-based sources when doing this research. Use aviation research sources to determine when and where the plane you are interested in was first constructed, then use historical documents and political science research materials (such as JSTOR or WorldCat) to look up information about the place and time itself. Consider the foreign policy or domestic struggles within that place and time that might have given rise to the piece of aviation.

Pick One Object

Aviation is a broad and complex field, as stated above, and it can be tempting to discuss too much, and too broadly, and be left with a research paper that is overly long or arduous to write. Instead, if at all possible, select one very specific piece of aviation or highly specific aviation related topic and focus on just that.