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Dissertation Abstracts Online Writing Help

If you need to write a dissertation abstract about the dissertation you have prepared, you need to know there are some very specific formats you need to follow to write the abstract properly. Dissertation Abstracts are short summaries of dissertations that are published by University Microfilms International. This has been published since 1938 and the rules have grown and changed over the years, but if you publish a dissertation at all you should write an abstract to be included in this publication so that your work can be found by researchers. This will help you in writing your abstract.

Know your section and genre

The publication is divided into three sections, including Humanities and Social Sciences (section A), Sciences and Engineering (section B), and non-North American materials (section C). Know what section you belong in so that you can write your dissertation abstract the proper way.

The basics

Abstracts cannot be more than 350 words. Most abstracts are written in a seven-sentence structure and that is starting to become the accepted norm for all dissertation abstracts. This structure allows the reader to quickly scan the abstract to determine what the dissertation is about and to decide it it's what they need.

The first sentence will have a variation of something say what the purpose of the dissertation is. You can say "the purpose of this study is...." or "this study was done to..."

The second sentence defines what the scope of the study was and can be worded like "This study covered..." or "The scope of this study...."

The third sentences talks about how you conducted the study and you can say "The methodology...." or "the way this study was conducted..."

The fourth sentence discusses the findings of the research and you can say "the research show" or "The Findings..."

The fifth sentence discusses the conclusion and you can say "Conclusions reached include ..."

The sixth sentence admits limitations that may affect the conclusion. Address this sentence by saying "Limitations of this study include...." or "this study did not take... into consideration..."

Finally, the seventh sentence discusses why this study was needed. You can say "This study contributes...."

Online help

These will not give you all the help you need to write a dissertation abstract, but it will get you started. If you need additional help you can look online for dissertation abstract examples and resources that will assist you in writing your own dissertation properly.