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How to Write an Outstanding Case Study from Scratch

Case studies are an important piece of writing for businesses as well as students. The students of business administration and business studies are usually given such questions to assess what they have learned so far. This article shows how an outstanding case study can be written.

Writing an outstanding case study

An outstanding case study is the one that attracts the reader and grasps his attention till the end. For being able to compete in today’s market environment it is very important for businesses to plan effective marketing and promotional strategies and implement them. A case study is a part of business promotional campaign and is usually used by many businesses to introduce their brand or product.

  1. Keep it as original as possible
  2. If you want the reader to relate to your case study and immerse into it is very important to give him the truth. People love to read about real life scenarios that were handled by someone and how bad things had gone. Being original means conducting first hand research and including interviews of the people you have actually met. You may use examples but they will be too generalized and the reader will not find anything impressive about it.

  3. Tell and sell
  4. The purpose of a case study is to tell the potential customers about importance of a specific product or service and then sell it. They can act as great selling tools if they have been structured properly and are well-written. Make sure you emphasize on how it will benefit the customer. Do not just explain product features but tell your readers how it actually helped in the past.

  5. Avoid long case studies
  6. You do not have to write long case studies to make sure you are successful. Length has got nothing to do with effectiveness of the case study. It is better to write short and concise case studies that will hook your reader. People these days do not have time to read whole lot of pages. Stay relevant and to the point.

  7. Be clear
  8. A case study is not a product description or an essay. Make sure you follow the format of the case study and state all your facts and findings in bold writing. You may use statistics that are relevant to show the impact of a certain strategy on the business.