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What Makes A Strong IB Extended Essay?

A good IB extended essay is rather long, between ten and fifteen pages (or roughly four thousand words), and reflects a great deal of independent research. Not only that, a worthy IB essay poses an interesting and novel research question that the reader finds provocative, and supports it persuasively through argumentation and evidence. There should be a high level of intellectual sophistication in an IB extended essay, and the topic should be worldly yet specific.

How is the IB extended essay graded or evaluated?

The IB program is staffed with a wide variety of experts from across the globe, many of whom have studied at the top, most prestigious and intellectually rigorous universities in the world. As such, they bring a multiplicity of life experiences and a wide range of expertise to their grading.

IB essay graders evaluate IB extended essay papers for their quality of research first and foremost. You should make it obvious in your paper that you have conducted a great deal of reading and research to support your position, and the information you have gathered should be conveyed in a clear and well organized fashion, so it is easy for the reader to take in. At the same time, your language should not be oversimplified. You should write in a manner the is accessible to a wide audience of potential readers, but of the greatest possible quality.

A panel of IB extended essay graders will view your paper and make independent assessments of its merits and limitations. After each grader has had some time with your extended essay, they convene to discuss what grade is appropriate. If there is agreement, a grade is decided upon quite quickly. However, if there is conflict over the caliber of your essay, it is turned over to an additional reader, to break the tie.

How to write a quality IB extended essay?

You should aim high when you write your extended essay. Conduct more background research than you are initially inclined to do; read as many sources as you can get your hand on, and take meticulous, thorough notes on every piece of data you encounter. Ask your teacher or research mentor for feedback on your paper, and edit the document accordingly. After you have edited your paper, submit it once again for evaluation by someone else, ideally another instructor in your IB program. Do not submit your extended essay for evaluation until you are completely satisfied with it.