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<h1> How to structure your PowerPoint presentation slides properly?</h1>

<p>Ever since the personal computer was introduced into schools and the workplace, PowerPoint presentations have been created.  For all people who are producing these projects there has been a nonstop mission to see how they can be improved in order to make them more interesting to all of those who watch them.  Many people are not sure exactly how to structure their presentations in a manner that is going to be pleasing to the eye as well as informational to the mind.  Many would argue that being able to structure your PowerPoint presentation slides in the right manner will allow for the most incredible presentation that could exist.</p> 
<h3>The Proper Structure</h3>
<p>Much like a written report there is a manner in which PowerPoint slides should be structured to give your information the best chance of hitting home and for the scholar to get the right amount of credit.  It begins with an introductory slide, on which there is the author’s name, the class or purpose the presentation was created for, and of course the date should be on this one as well.</p> 
<p>This is followed by a group of slides that will outline the information that you will be covering in the presentation, so that each of the people watching it will know what they will see.  It will also create the basic outline that is going to be followed by the flow of information.  These will give a general description but as the outline slides progress they will become more specific.  It is vital to make these slides simple to follow and understand so the audience will not be too overwhelmed.</p>
<p>The next group of slides will be informational and should be designed to clearly give all of the information that the outline needs.  The number of slides is not clearly established as there should be enough to provide all of the information that you need in order to follow your outline slides.  As you start to create slides plan them out to be at least two a minute.  Some people don’t like to set them automatically but an auto slide show will allow for the momentum to keep on going and you won’t get bogged down in information.</p> 
<p>Finally there should be some follow up slides.  This should recap the key information and ask a few simple questions for follow up and to check for understanding.  There should also be a slide with contact information to get in touch with you about certain questions that the reader may have.  It is a good idea to finish with something memorable, a key fact or inspiring thought might be good. Some might even end on a humorous note but that should depend on the subject matter. </p>